Vision & Mission

Our Vision


To be the favored Provider of Quality packaged food in Egypt & International Markets with a commitment to Excellence & Uniqueness & a drive to lead.


Our Mission


To develop new opportunities and grow our core businesses to the full potential in food processing, leveraging our expertise and resources with uncompromising dedication to efficiency, innovation, quality and service.


Our History

Wadi food was founded in 1989 & located in Egypt’s pristine desert. It is a leading Egyptian brand of harvested foods, serving local and global consumers with a commitment to innovation and quality.

Wadi food owns and manages all its farms, ensuring all produce is watered from pure underground aquifers and aims to deliver the best quality to guarantee a unique customer experience.

The high quality of the products is achieved from the early stages of planting until the time of harvest, where Wadi Food’s superior olives are handpicked to make sure that the fruit has naturally matured and ripened into the best raw material for the extraction of high-quality olive oil.

Offering a wide range of premium quality products of Olive Oil, Green Olives, Kalamata Olives, Natural Black Olives, Black Olive products, Tomato Paste and Fava beans and today being positioned among the top Producers, Packers & Exporters of Agrifood in Egypt.


Our Family

Wadi Food is one of the members of the Wadi Group family specialized in offering high quality agro-food products. It was established to fulfill the ambitious goal of supplying natural and healthy products at affordable prices to consumers across the Middle East.

The Wadi Group family is proud to be a trusted name found in households around the Middle East and is committed to bringing the highest quality products straight from our farms to your families for generations to come.

Wadi Food has been a part of the Egyptian culture & because you and your family deserve the very best, Wadi Food is very eager to bring a tradition of packaged freshness to your doorstep. Our products abide by international standards and are of the highest quality.


Our Values


We are responsible for our decisions; we honor our commitments and all actions are based on mutual trust, respect and honesty; consistently meeting the highest ethical standards to create a safe and healthy working environment.


Through delegation, we invest in diffusing knowledge, nurturing ability and confidence to build accountability and teamwork. We harvest decisive individuals, confident within their work environment.

Resource Optimization

We optimize the utilization of resources to efficiently plan, achieve, deliver and assess our work goals in line with the strategic goals of the corporation.

Customer Focus

We believe our business strives to meet and exceed our internal and external customers’ needs, consistently anticipating and adapting to the challenges of world class competitiveness.


We create innovative processes and solutions to optimize our performance and sustain our competitive edge.


We create a transparent and inclusive work environment where opportunities for development are fostered and developed.